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Lead Converting Landing Pages

Landing pages are the most important pages on your website because they offer specific solutions to specific problems. They also generate new leads for the company on a regular basis. Landing pages are the most successful way of converting and acquiring leads.

The landing page don’t talk about your company, they specifically talk about the specific service or product. How useful the particular service or product is, how will the service or product change your life after using it.

For example, whenever Microsoft offer a new product, they usually create a landing page just for that single product.

On a landing page page, company generally give a free signup or free buy option. When you opt for that you are into a funnel of becoming a potential buyer of that product. Once the trial period is over, people tend to buy the paid product and thus the cycle of conversion is completed. When you send paid advertising traffic to your Landing pages, they help make money for you while you sleep.

BorderPage has made many landing pages and have helped companies to capture and convert leads using our funnel strategies. We specially engineer the landing pages which converts people on every step. Not only landing pages, we have come up with a secret where we create a website as a landing page.

Website Development

Today people and companies are on the internet for information. Why do you think people visit a website? to find information. And for your business, information is very important. People become judge, jury and the executioner based on the information you share. People judge you on the basis of your information online. A website holds information about your business. A good website with best SEO can reflect your information on google. Along with this, google business helps with the location and reviews.

  • Advertising: A website is a feasible option when it comes to advertising and marketing. With online marketing, you can reach millions of users in a day.
  • Ease of use: Many customers will choose to visit an online store to buy products rather than physically going to a shop. Its quick and easy. And very less or zero human intervention.
  • Increase Customers: A website helps your business to go from local to global with huge audience base and bigger scope.
  • Accessibility: Website never shuts late hours like a conventional shop or office. Your business on website runs 24×7.

BorderPage can help you create a lead converting business websites and sale machine e-commerce website in no time.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Did you realize that more than 45% population of the world is currently associated with the internet?

Do you know that 93% Online Experience begins with Search Engine & Google owns 65-70% of the search engine market share?

Did you know that there are 3.5 billion searches performed every day on Google? That means that no matter your line of work, people are searching for your business online.

So if you have created a website & not investing in SEO you are leaving a lot of money on the tables.

And Search Engine is no. 1 Source of traffic for any site.

What is SEO?

It is a process to rank your website (Keywords) high in SERP so that your website can generate more traffic with the help of these queries or keywords.

And rank high mean one of your keywords should be rank on the First Page of SERP (Top 3 is Sweet Spot, Top 5 is Better & Top 10 is Good)

Why? Because stats also show that 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results.

For simplicity though, SEO may be diminished into three main stages:

Technical SEO: With technical SEO you can make sure that search engines can crawl and index your website without any problems.

On-site SEO: Rules to use on your website and content to create it search engine friendly way

Off-site SEO: ways to promote your website or journal so that it will rank higher in search results.

What can BorderPage offer?

  • Keyword Research – Borderpage will help you to analyze the business and look for the relevant keywords for your product or service.
  • Using keyword in content – BorderPage will use the keyword in content, title, description tag, and website title of the company.
  • Quality Content- The content should be relevant and provide quality and value when read by users. Content forms a crucial part for traffic formation on your website, write content relevant to customer requirement. BorderPage will give a detailed content strategy and content writeup for your business to rank on a particular keyword.
  • Online Directories – BorderPage  will help you get your  company registered on online directories such as Google My Business, and other relevant sites.
  • Creating Backlinks – Backlinks are links connecting to your website through other websites. BorderPage will help you create quality backlinks and improve your DA and PA .
  • Sharing On Social media – Social media have become the biggest marketing platform in today’s world. So join all social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest. We will make strategies to share your content on these platforms.

Community Forum

A Forum is a site or portion of a site that allows people to communicate with the other person by posting information. The content is usually user generated (UGC). Most community forums allow anonymous people to view discussion board postings, but need you to create an account in order to create a thread or reply any topic on the forum.

Forums are created for many discussions. For example software support, help for website owners, and programming conversations. While tons of Web community forums give attention to IT issues, they aren’t limited to it. There are discussion boards related to health, fitness, vehicles, houses, coaching, parenting, and a large number of other subject areas. Some community forums are general, such as a cryptocurrency forum, while some tend to be specific, like a forum for java.

Since Web discussion boards are made up of user-generated content (UGC), they continue steadily to grow so long as users go to the site and post announcements. The webmaster of any Web forum merely needs to control the forum, which might require moving, incorporating, and archiving threads. Because Web message boards are constantly growing, they have grown to be a big area of the Web. If you seek out help on the certain topic, there’s a good chance a number of forum pages can look in the most notable results.

BorderPage can help you create a dedicated forum for a topic of your choice. We will select the latest tech with responsive forum design to set up your forum. Not only a setup but we will take care of server setup, initial admin settings and rules for posting too.

Classified Ads Websites

Classified Site is a place where you could find whatever service you want. You could also post a service of yours and people who search for that particular service will approach you through a given site mechanism. In other words, a classified Advertising is one best online station where anyone can post ads free and premium every time. Browse some best free classified sites India with high domain authority and genuine classified list.

  1. olx
  2. quikr
  3. Finderguru

Thats the advantage in a classified website which is highly appreciated by online users community and this is the popular way on the internet for both recruiters and seeker so they all go at same place and find easily what they are looking for.

Here you could both be buyer and seller. You could also start a new business through a classified website. BorderPage has worked on such huge projects www.resellergang.com before and are ready to help new customers to build their own classified sites.

E-Commerce Sites

An e-commerce website is a website people can directly buy products from. You’ve probably used a number of e-commerce websites before, most big brands and plenty of smaller ones have one. The era is known as internet era, everyone is movine online from a local shop. The advantage of going online is to interact with wider audience. There are around 24 million small and big eCommerce stores selling products on the internet around the world today.

SO why wait? Lets start your e-commerce site right now! BorderPage is recommended by many for best and fastest E-commerce developement on web space.
We promise to deliver the functional website within a blink of an eye.

We also give additional services like

  1. Free SSL
  2. Product Listing
  3. Product SEO
  4. Submitting products on Google Merchant
  5. Submitting productson Facebook Shop
  6. Google Indexing
  7. Google Business listing
  8. Free marketing tips

So why wait? World is on a fast pace, you should be too!

Click on the button below and lets discuss how you want your online shop to be!

Setup a Dropshipping Shop

Dropshipping is a method of supply chain management. In other words, Dropshipping is the type of business in which you sell products online with out holding any inventory.

In this you work as the mediator between seller of the product and the buyer.

  1. Creat your own website or register as a seller in any e- commerce website such as Amazon, eBay etc.
  2. Search online seller who provide the option of Dropshipping the product to your customers such as alibaba, aliexpress etc
  3. List the product on your website after adding your margin.
  4. When the customer purchase the product from your website, purchase the same from the seller at a cost and provide the details of customer addresse, phone etc
  5. After that all the other proceeding such as shipping, refund, defect etc will be done by the original seller of the product.

BorderPage can setup your dropshipping shop in matter of days. We have experties in Aliexpress Dropshipping. We have clients who have started their Dropshipping shop from scratch and are now earning some hundred dollars a day.
Dropshipping is not like conventional E-commerce setup. With no inventory of yours, you basically hold no product on site and so the SEO doesn’t work. This business is 100% focused on marketing.

Our expert team helps you find the trending products online, Create a website around those products, and set up an entire online shop.
Moreover we give a whole blueprint of marketing strategy required for promoting your Dropshipping shop.

So why wait?

Improve your Website GTMetrix Score

According to statistics, the average time a user spend on a website is 7 seconds. But most of us don’t even wait two seconds for website content to open up .
But, does the page load speed actually matters? Is the load speed that important? What difference does it make?

Honestly, It makes a huge difference as it affects bounce rate, the user experience, website search rankings, sales and conversions. As they say ‘First impression is the most important impression’. If your site loads faster, you have already made a strong impression on the visitor. Statistics say that 80% of the users never come back to the site if the first experience was not good.

Speed also affects your Google ranking as google loves speed. Google do take website load speed into account when ranking websites (announced in 2010). So Google will reduce the amount of crawlers it sends to your site if your server is slower than two seconds.

The agencies might take your google page speed score up to 60-65% but we have more to offer. BorderPage help you with Google Page Speed score up to 90% and GTMetrix score up to 95%. Our goal is simple. To make your website responsive, SEO optimized and most importantly, fast. Our idea and strategy is simple too.

BorderPage do it without touching your existing content on the website. We believe in 100% customer retention and satisfaction. We know the importance of faster loading websites and by giving them the necessary score and metrix score, we give them a higher ranking than competitors.

We do it by optimizing your images, CSS and JavaScript minification, Leverage browser caching methods, Enable gzip compression and avoid bad requests. And many more metrics.

BorderPage provide an extensive optimization to all the brands we work for and help them achieve a prolific ranking for their range of competition. The audits that we do also includes recommendations and technology-driven solutions.

Get The Maximum Out of Our Top Services to Boost Your Business

#1 Ecommerce Builders

Get your store online with 100% customization and google standards approved. Payment gateway and Product SEO included. Get your shop from local to global for a world wide audience.

Most recomended solutions for cryptocurrency websites

A website is the first face of contact between a crypto firm and its audience. With years of experience in cryptocurrency investment and marketing, we can offer you the detailed roadmap for your ICO to be successful. After analysing and reviewing 1000+ ICOs, we know what exactly is needed for a cryptocurrency to be successful.

Lead Converting Landing Pages

We, at BorderPage, create lead converting and niche-specific landing pages with a result-oriented focus and a clear call to action. Time and again, our landing pages have generated high-density traffic with the maximum lead conversion. Get your landing page made today.

Best Classified Website designers In Town

Need to make a classified websites with minimum resources in hand? Well, we can make that happen

ERP & CRM Solutions

Get the best ERP suggested as well as developed to make your operations smooth and hassle free. We have tie-ups with many big ERP providers and we will integrate them as per your business requirements to make your operations go smooth.

Strategies for Business Growth

Every company needs a unique business plan and strategy for it to become a success. At BorderPage, we take that responsibility on your behalf to develop a perfect, professionally designed business and website development plan under the expert supervision of professionals and researchers with a careful market study.

100% safe WordPress Migration Service

Facing problems with your server and in need of Server Migration? BorderPage can offer migration of your WordPress website among different servers with the same or different domain name. We also offer migration Subdomain to Main Domain and vice versa.

#1 Business Website Builders

At Borderpage, we plan special engineered sales funnel technique to set your business website to get Maximum ROI and increase your customer count.

Top choice for Interactive Website Development

With 7+ years of experience in website designing and development, we have created 150+ websites for several companies ranging from static business websites, forums, classified, blogs, to e-commerce websites. We craft digital solutions which combine design, and marketing strategies. This helps to reach your business to wider audience.

Divi and Elementor Experts

Do your want your website to be made in Divi or elementor? You already have a website but can't take it forward because of technical limitations? We are expert Divi and Elementor Developers and ready to work on your plan.

Fastest Website Optimization

Optimize your website in such a way that the GTMetrix and Google speed test speed will reach to 95%+ for your website.

Local & International SEO

Want to get your website listed on the front page of Google Page ranking? At BorderPage, we offer optimisation of your web page’s SEO to get it ranked on the first page of Google. A first-page ranking can boost your website’s traffic by 4x.

Brochures and Visiting Card designs

We, at BorderPage, offer designing of eye-catching and creative Brochures and Visiting Cards that gracefully highlight your company’s service in a unique way. We identify and understand your company’s values, and design your brochures to meet your company’s fundamentals.

Installing WordPress for free on your server

WordPress is the easiest tool available in the market right now that can help you build your website from scratch. With proper implementation, you can build any website of your choice. Now get your WordPress installed for free on your server from BorderPage. We’ll provide you with a self-hosted WordPress software with proper configuration.

Packed full of features

Yes, all of these features are included in AffiliateWP!

Quick setup

Your website(s) will be up and running in couple of days. Schedule a free assessment call and we will take your business requirements and set up your website in record time.

Infinite Uploads

We have a bandwidth to do your infinite products uploads or your blog uploads. Our uploading method also involves Yoast SEO implementation and keyword strategies. Along with basic SEO, we will also submit your website to google webmaster tool as a complementary.

Complete Integration

Borderpage helps you with complete integration of E-commerce, Forums, Food Delivery Sysems, ERPs, Classified and Much more.


Borderpage will take care of the UI/UX and latest designing techniques for your web and web application. We will also suggest you the latest trends for designing you should acquire and the latest matketing trends you should follow

Experience the Success

See tha change in the demographics of your visitors before and after the work undertaken by us. You will see a considerable and inquiry calls.

Migration & Restoration

We have expertise in wordpress backup migration from one server to another server and one domain to another domain. We can also restore your website for you.

Our extended services

With numerous CMS, Frameworks and ERP’s we work with, spanning all your logistical, marketing & technical requirements, you can rest assured we will select the best one for your specific needs.

Our Customers, Our Success

"I had a remarkable experience working with Border Page. These guys are very committed and passionate in their work and understands Clients need as per their requirements. I would recommend them to every prospective client who wishes to hire them for their services. I wish Border Page all the best"
Arthur Mills
CEO, Shadoworks Digital